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I'm brazilian girl with 16 years old, i'm not a normal person, i'm very CRAZY!!! I love animes, mangás and cosplays, I like alternative style and things I have a dark, mysterious and obscure obscure that afraid me, I'm not virgin, I loooove sex, so much, but I'm very emotional, romantic and shy :3
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So much food and so little time #sushi #japanesefood



photo taken by me


2001 Tokyo: Sensō-ji precinct #45 (by dominotic)


Faltou roupa na foto, mas a frase da Clarice Lispector ta sempre lá!

Nobody ever told me that
one day,
I would look at myself
and hate everything
I saw.
That somedays,
I wouldn’t even
be able to get out of bed
because I lacked a purpose.
I think they forgot
to mention the days
that my bones would ache
because I missed
someone so badly.
They forgot to tell me that
I would love a girl
and to me she would
be the sky
and I would only be
dust under the rug
to her.
Nobody tells you these things.
They tell you about how
you’re going to grow up,
live in a nice house, and
be happy.
They forget to mention
the nights you will spend
crying yourself to sleep
and the countless
amounts of times
you will try to kill yourself.
They just fill you up with
high hopes and dreams
and send you off
into a world that
is anything
but beautiful.
M.O.W, Nobody ever told me about the ugliness in the world we live in (via imwritingpoems)